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The Denver Burger Bracket has moved over to our brother site, DENVER FOOD GUYS. Same great burger bracket, this time on a site dedicated to the awesome Denver food scene! Visit the updated Denver Burger Bracket.

Denver Welcome Arch

Denver Welcome Arch, 1908

Denver has a rich history as a “cow-town”. In 1870, the Kansas Railroad extended its line into Denver, turning Colorado’s largest city into the main center for the Western range cattle industry. The Denver stock yards and the Denver & Rio Grand Railroad shortened the distance from rancher to transport, which made it less expensive for ranchers to get their livestock to market. Local boosters created The National Western Stock Show, which began in 1907 as an annual event and attracted cattlemen from a wide region who came to buy and sell livestock as well as compete in rodeo competitions.

Nowadays, some people get a little bent outta shape when Denver gets referred to as a “cow-town”, but the term has definitely taken on a different meaning recently:

Denver LOVES Burgers. And yeah, so does all of America, but I mean, Denver really loves burgers. I’m talking big burgers, gourmet burgers, fancy burgers, messy burgers, and most definitely better-than-your-average-burger burgers. They even have a “burger battle” that’s been running for a couple of years. Some serious burger eaters here in the Mile High City.

Denver SkylineSo in honor of two of my favorite things (burgers and March Madness), I’ve put together the 2013 Denver Burger Bracket. Burgers are seeded 1-8 in four different bracket regions, and will go head to head against each other, round by round, winner take all. Winners will be determined by yours truly and my team of burger bracketeers. Since food and taste are subjective, no official point scoring system is in place, but each burger will be judged on taste (duh), meat quality, bun, toppings, and a specially designed price-to-worth-it ration (as in, is the burger worth the cost that they are charging for it?).

So why have a burger bracket when a burger battle already exists, you ask? Because like the NCAA College Basketball Tournament, there’s always a Cinderella story. From hole-in-the-walls to fancy $20 burgers, we’ve got 32 of the best burgers Denver has to offer. It could be upset city baby as the up and coming trendy burger spots take on classic burger joints that have stood the test of time.

Who’s gonna win? Follow along as we post our reviews and winners updated over the next few months, as the winner will be revealed during March Madness. Vote for your favorite burgers and tell us what you think!

2013 Denver Burger Bracket

2013 Denver Burger Bracket

Broncos Region:

(1) Cherry Cricket vs. (8) Chubby Burger Drive In

(2) Central Bistro and Bar vs. (7) Grandpa’s Burger Haven Number One

(3) TAG Burger Bar vs. (6) Five Star Burgers

(4) Diego Zhang’s Burger Cafe vs. (5) Juicy Burger

Avalanche Region:

(1) Crave Real Burgers vs. (8) Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers

(2) Highland Tap & Burger vs. (7) Bud’s Bar

(3) Finley’s Pub vs. (6) Five Guys Burgers and Fries 

(4) Euclid Hall Brat Burger vs. (5) My Brother’s Bar Buffalo Burger

Nuggets Region:

(1) Park Burger vs. (8) Griff’s Hamburgers

(2) CityGrille vs. (7) SmashBurger

(3) Row 14 vs. (6) Hamburger Mary’s

(4) Stueben’s Green Chile Burger vs. (5) Jack-N-Grill Green Chile Burger 

Rockies Region:

(1) Larkburger vs. (8)  Crown Burgers

(2) H Burger Co. vs. (7) Red Robin

(3) The Lobby vs. (6) CandleLight Tavern

(4) Le Grande Bistro vs. (5) Cholon 

UPDATE: Here’s a breakdown of the criteria we used to choose our winners.

2 responses to “Denver Burger Bracket

  1. This is super cool, Denver Beer Guy! Committee snubs go to: Punch Bowl Social, Elway’s, Biker Jim’s, and Steak n Shake (if you’re doing chains like Smashburger and Five Guys). Best draw is Parkburger in the Nuggets region if they can get out of the second round. Keep up the good work, we’ll be following!

    Jeremy Kossler
    Denver Burger Battle

    • Hey Jeremy,
      Thanks so much for the comment! Obviously love what you guys have going on with the Burger Battle, just wanted to include some of the little guys with great burgers too! Elway’s was the only snub I went back and forth with. Didn’t know Punch Bowl had a good burger going and only get sausages at Biker Jim’s. Also, didn’t know a Steak n Shake was close by either! (Speaking of which, if you love Steak N Shake, check out Freddy’s Frozen Custard and Steakburgers, very similar) Thanks again for reading/following!


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