Hogshead Brewery

4460 West 29th Avenue
Denver, CO 80212

Hogshead BreweryHogshead Brewery hit the Denver microbrewery scene in the summer of 2012, when they restored a 1950’s gas station in Slo-Hi (Sloan Lake/Highlands). The brewery provides a variety of beers with an emphasis on English ales. Their main beer lineup consists of maltier beers on tap via CO2 pressurized kegs, as well as a few rotating  “Real Ales” in naturally carbonated casks served from beer engines in the tradition British way.

Beer Lineup Boys Bitter
Barges’s Mild
Chin Wag ESB
Gilpin Black Gold Porter
Lake Lightening Summer Ale
Various Cask Conditioned Seasonals
Taste/Quality  I absolutely LOVE the fact that there’s a place in Denver now that specializes in maltier beers. For too long, IPAs have ruled the day in the microbrewery scene, and being that overly hopped beers aren’t my particular go-to choice, Hogshead is a God-send. They kept the beer lineup nice and tight, which means the can concentrate on making quality beers rather than trying to do too much. The cask beers really deliver though, and are at the proper temperature (not as cold as kegged beer but not warm either [cough cough Wynkoop cough cough]) which is a big plus.
My Favorite Beer A truly tough call, but I’d go with the ESB and the Porter. Definitely a British porter flavor which is hard to accomplish, and Chin Wag is the best ESB in the city.
Atmosphere The brewery equipment dominates the landscape, but a cozy little tasting room gets the job done. I’m interested to visit when the weather is nice and see how the small patio works out.
Service Nothing fancy just a bartender or two. Order drinks from the bar and then find a table, either inside or outside.
The Lowdown $5 proper pints (20 oz) & $3 half pints (10 oz). $1 more for each if it’s a cask beer. No tasters/flights, but the half pints are a great alternative. On Tuesdays, 10 oz. half pints are just $2.
Rating Four Beers

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