River North Brewery

2401 Blake St #1
Denver, CO 80205

River North Brewery

Eureka! An all-Belgian Denver brewery!

While River North Brewery is maybe/kinda/possibly located on the southernmost tip of Denver’s River North (RiNo) district, it’s definitely a name and location that works (OK fine, it’s really the ballpark district, but whatever). River North took over the old Flying Dog outpost on Blake St. at 24th, and is owned by ex-engineer and Belgian beer lover Matthew Hess. Engineering is probably great experience for brewing beer, and building something awesome from a sum of parts is kind of what engineers do. That technical prowess is immediately noticeable, as River North’s beers and taproom is about as polished as it gets.

The Belgian beers on tap at River North are complex and unique, but more importantly, the best Belgian styles in Denver. While it’s hard to live up to the ultra-flavorful and highest quality beers from Belgium, River North does it’s best to get pretty darn close. They even bottle a lot of their beers in 22 oz bombers, and just look at the professional bottling and labeling!

River North Brewery may be one of the new kids on the block, but this is miles away from being a brewery celebrating its 1 year anniversary.

Beer Lineup River North White Ale/Belgian-Style Wit
Hello, Darkness Black IPA
BPR Belgian-Style Red Ale
J. Marie Saison/Farmhouse Ale
Hoppenberg Uncertainty Principle Belgian Style Double IPA
Quandry Quaddrupel
Unified Theory Oaked Imperial Wit
Avarice Belgian-Style Imperial Stout
Taste/Quality  American brewers have struggled to accurately replicate the flavors of Belgian beer. While the styles can be similar, the taste is what’s been so hard to replicate. Outside of New Belgium up on Ft. Collins, no one has really come close. Until River North that is. Not quite as clone-like as New Belgium, but they’ve done a great job with their yeast strains to get that tang that comes with Belgian beers.
My Favorite Beer  BPR is probably the best for me, but Avarice and (surprisingly for me) Hello, Darkness are both very good.
Atmosphere  The three times I’ve been to River North it’s been exactly the same. Quiet, reserved, and tiny taproom with people putting a lot of thought into drinking their beers. That’s not a bad thing per se, just interesting. The taproom looks into the brewery through a big window behind the bar, and brewery tours run every so often. The bartenders are knowledgable and affable, so don’t be afraid to ask questions.
Service  Nothing fancy just a bartender or two. Order drinks from the bar and then find a table or sit at the bar.
The Lowdown  All pours are $5, with the higher-alcohol-content beers coming in 10 oz. pours. They also have 4 oz. tasters at various price levels depending on the alcohol content.
Rating  Four Beers

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