Ninkasi Brewing Company

272 Van Buren Street
Eugene, OR 97402

I first came across Ninkasi Brewing Company in Los Angeles during a beer tasting event back in 2010. They stood out from the thousands of breweries on hand not only because of their awesome logo, but because of their tasty brews that were like a mirage from a distant oasis. Located in Eugene, OR and not available for sale in Los Angeles, it seemed like an unfair tease for them to come down to the City of Angels and showcase their great beer that you hand to go to Oregon to buy.

Ninkasi Brewing CompanyWell, then this whole “traveling the country” thing happened from late 2011-late 2012 and well, I got to go visit some really great breweries all over this great country of ours during that time. Which is why this website will not only focus on Denver and Colorado breweries, but also the hundreds of fantastic microbreweries I was lucky enough to visit during my travels.

Ninkasi Brewing Company happened to be one of the first breweries we visited after leaving California, and it also ended up being one of the best. Their taproom is funky and fun, to go along with their beer label designs and styles of beer. Although we can feel the Denver and Colorado have some of the best beers and breweries in the country, any chance you get to visit great breweries like Ninkasi in other states, you should take it.

Beer Lineup Year Round:
Total Domination IPA
Believer Double Red Ale
Tricerahops Double IPA
Oatis Oatmeal Stout

ReNEWable 2013 ESB
Radiant Ale Pale Ale
Spring Reign Ale Session
Sleigh’r Dark Double Alt Ale
Maiden The Shade Summer IPA

Special Release:
Nuptiale Cream Ale
Vanilla Oatis
Imperiale Stout
Mason’s Irish Style Red Ale
Commonwealth Ale Session
Helles Belles German Style Lager
Babylon Double IPA
Lady of Avalon Dark Larger
Critical Hit Barleywine

Draft Only:
Quantum Pale Ale
Little One Small Beer
Sterling Pils
Sasquatch Legacy Wheat Wine
Ancient Aleiens Holiday Ale
Ice 9
Total Crystalation Fresh Hopped Ale
Smells Like Purple Fresh Hop Pale Ale
Redunkulous Dunkel Weiss
El Dorado Single Hop Ale

Taste/Quality  Not only did every beer selection taste hand crafted, they all had that distict “higher quality” flavor that you just know comes with great beer. No bad aftertastes, nothing too oily or lacking flavor, but everything having distinct flavor profiles that define great beer.
My Favorite Beer  While they’ve got a ton of hoppy beers, the Oatis and at the time the Sleigh’r Dark Double Alt Ale were my favorites.
Atmosphere  It was a little quiet when we went, but with a great outdoor patio and friendly staff, it was obvious that Ninkasi hosted some serious hangouts. Smaller tasting room inside with some funky art looks out onto a patio with big picnic tables for sharing.
Service  We ordered everything from the bar. Not sure if they have servers when there’s a big outdoor crowd.
The Lowdown 5 beer Tasting Tray – $5.50
Year Round Beers – $4 pint / $3 glass
Premium Beers – $5 pint / $4 glass 

Rating  Five Beers

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