Denver Beer Co.

1695 Platte St.
Denver, CO 80202

Denver Beer Co. is the new “it” brewpub in Denver. It grabbed the city’s namesake, and has hit the ground running since 2011. Denver Beer Co. has used their location, their beers, and the design of their taproom to leverage the hearts and minds of the city. Using words like “artisan” and “community”, Denver Beer Co. also exemplifies the new trendy craft beer scene in recent years.

Denver Beer CoDenver Beer Co is designed in the classic German biergarten style, with its ample outdoor space and windows that roll up for a large open-air setting. Their beer offerings are above average, and that they are always coming up with new recipes and offerings. They host various groups from bikers to runners that meet up at the taproom both before and after their exercise, so depending on the night it can get quite crowded. I’ve really only been there when it’s cold, so I can only imagine how crazy it will get when the weather is nice.

They’ve got parking in the back so save some coins if you can, and I do like the various food truck offerings parked out front from time to time. I wish Denver Beer Co was a bit closer to downtown/Wash Park, but hey, the Highlands are OK to visit from time to time.

Overall a solid beer spot with enough variety to keep me coming back for more.

Beer Lineup An ever-evolving beer list. Currently on tap: Rye-25 Rye Pale Ale
Smoked Lager
Graham Cracker Porter
Hey! Pumpkin’ Spiced Beer
Incredible Pedal IPA
Fresh Hop IPA
Kaffir Lime Wheat 
Taste/Quality Their beer offerings are above average, and I like that they come up with new very new and unique beers as time goes on. Their pumpkin beer was very good, and they had a chili stout going for a while that was great as well. The much hyped graham cracker porter was a bit underwhelming, but probably because it had been talked up to me so much (And oh yeah, it doesn’t really TASTE like graham crackers either).
My Favorite Beer Great pumkpin beer and chili stout. Like I said, the Graham Cracker Porter gets all of the glory, but other than the smell, the taste can be a little flat.
Atmosphere Denver Beer Co. has done a fantastic job appealing to various groups in the city. It seems like something is going on in the taproom every night. Like I said it can get a bit crowded, so getting a drink from the bar can be a bit of a task. The outdoor seating will keep this place packed as well.
Service  Order drinks at the bar. Fight your way through the crowds and maybe wave your arms to get someone’s attention.
The Lowdown  $5 pints (more if they have something a little more alcoholic on tap) and $1 tasters. They have Happy Hour specials that change depending on the day and the beer on tap.
Rating  Four Beers

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