Prost Brewing

2540 19th Street
Denver, CO 80211

Prost Brewing On the surface, the concept of an “all-German” brewery seems lackluster. Everyone’s had German beer, right? I can tell what you’re thinking right now. Light. Pale. Pilsner. Maybe even from the Warsteiner or Paulaner variety (If you’re like me, then you’re thinking about Köstritzer schwarzbier, but that’s another story). And we’ve all had Sam Adams Octoberfest, haven’t we?

Prost Brewing Now if you’ve acutally even been to Germany or delved a bit futher into beer styles then you know that German beer has a lot more to offer. It’s some much more than pilsner.

And that’s what Prost Brewing has brought to Denver. It’s German beer done right. All of the techniques, the VERY specific ingredients (don’t even think about getting fancy), and precise measurements that make German beer great. It may be rigid, but it makes for some authentic and delicious beer.

Beer Lineup Marzen – Oktoberfest
Altfränkisches Dunkel Bier
Prost Pils

& more

Taste/Quality The taste at Prost is truly authentic. Head brewer Bill Eye imported the brewing equipment from Germany, and seemingly imported the flavor from Germany as well. The styles are nearly clones, and blow any German-style beer brewed in the city out of the water.
My Favorite Beer While the Prost Pils gets all the glory, their Dunkel is outstanding. I also love their Marzen, as it is not overly hopped and malty goodness.
Atmosphere Prost does a very good job acting the part of a German beer hall, right here in Denver. They’ve got flags adorning the walls, and long wooden tables arranged in a large open space, surrounded by German Beer memorabilia. The large picnic-style tables are perfect for sharing, which adds tremendously to the community atmosphere. The taproom is lively and racous every time I’ve been here, which gets you in the proper mood for a fun night.
Service  Order drinks at the bar or wait for table service. It can get packed so don’t worry if your server gets lost for a little while.
The Lowdown  Beers are anywhere from $3.50-$6 for the standard size. Flights of 4 tasters are $5 and they also offer their beers in the traditional Germain Maß, or giant mug for a bit more.
Rating  Five Beers

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