Wit’s End Brewing Company

2505 West 2nd Avenue #13
Denver, Colorado 80219

Wit's End Brewing Company Wit’s End Brewing Company is the crazy scheme dreamed up by founder Scott Witsoe, and oh yeah it’s technically a nanobrewery. Wit’s End is everything you want from your favorite microbrewery. It’s a one man show, and you can’t help but feel a connection with the owner as he serves you a pint. It’s small, but it’ll be a place where everyone knows your name, and where you’ll feel at home from the very first visit. They brew 1 barrel (31 gallon) batches of beer at a time, which allows them to essentially micromanage the brewing process as well as be flexible in trying out new recipes.  As you can see, the “experimental” list of beers at Wit’s End is quite impressive. Every beer is something special, and is different than anything in the craft brew scene today. In fact, everything about Wit’s End is a little bit different. From it’s humble beginnings, to it’s under-the-radar location, Wit’s End is carving out new beer territory. They even offer stainless steel 40s instead of the traditional glass style, which is another cool touch.

It feels good to support something from the gound up, so why not have some great beer while doing so?

Beer Lineup  Core Beers:
Jean-Claude Van Blonde
Wilford Belgian Oatmeal IPA
Super FLi.p.a. Black IPA
Green Man Ale Red Ale/IPA
Kitchen Sink Porter
Come on Ryeleen Smoked Rye Ale
Mick Jaggery ESB
One Extra Pale Ale
Messenger Porter
Dubbel Impact
Cibeertron Rustic Apple Ale
Banana Hammock Amber Hefeweizen
Ambition Coffee Stout
Dim Mak Belgian Golden Ale
Slam Dunkelweizen
Ugly Sweater British Brown/Holiday
The Mad King Weizenbock
Taste/Quality  The taste of every single beer coming out of Wit’s End is on point. While their beers may be cloudier than most, they are among the most flavorful around. I’ve been to hundreds of microbreweries and brew pubs. The beer on tap at Wit’s End is one of THE BEST selection I’ve had. From the blonde that’s entirely more complex than your average blonde, to the dunkel, to the black IPA, every beer is atypical (in a good way) from what you’d find at your average place. 
My Favorite Beer  Wilford & Slam Dunkelweizen
Atmosphere  Wit’s End is located in a very industrial area of Denver, and furthermore, inside of sort of a warehouse strip-mall. That doesn’t deter the place from having a fun and lively atmosphere though, as you feel like you’re in your own little world inside of the taproom. Instead of your typical wood-everything taproom, it feels like your getting an opportunity to actually drink the beer in the exact same space that it is produced in, which of course is exactly what you’re doing.
Service  Order drinks at the bar. Sit at the small bar area or at a handful of tables in the taproom.
The Lowdown  $5 pints/$3 short pours. 4 taster sets are $6.50. 40oz growler fills are $9 after purchasing a stainless steel growler.
Rating  Five Beers

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