Renegade Brewing Company

925 W 9th Ave
Denver, CO 80204

Renegade Brewing Company Renegade Brewing Company joined the Denver microbrewery scene in the summer of 2011. They opened up their taproom and brewery in the Santa Fe Arts District on 9th St. right off of Santa Fe Blvd, and was an instant success. The taproom feels somewhat hidden because of its location, but still accessible and close enough to become a local hangout of many. The first time I visited Renegade was a few months after it opened, and my wife and I rode our bikes here from LoDo. On a nice day, a bike ride to Renegade is the perfect activity and I suggest everyone give it a try at least once. When it warms up they open the garage-like door, giving the taproom a biegarten feel and creating an intensely inviting atmosphere. Renegade has recently started canning some of their beers, and has quickly become a favorite of locals. With unique and high-quality craft beer and a fun and inviting taproom, what’s not to like?

Beer Lineup 5:00 Blonde Afternoon Ale
Ryetous Rye IPA
Elevation Tripel IPA
Lost Brotha Abbey Dubbel
Midnight in Bruges Belgian Black IPA
Black Gold Peanut Butter Cup Imperial Milk Stout
Hammer and Sickle Russian Imperial Stout
Sunday Morning Coffee Infused Strong Ale
Taste/Quality  Every beer coming out of Renegade is of the highest quality. No generic or muddled flavors here. Just interesting and refined takes on some of your favorite styles.  What I love about Denver and places like Renegade is that you don’t just get a cookie-cutter craft brew lineup (brown, amber, pale, ipa, etc.). No, instead you get complex, interesting beers and flavors. Some might not deliver as much as you hope (cough cough Peanut Butter Cup Milk Stout cough cough) but at least they’re getting after it. And when a beer here doesn’t “work”, it’s still a high quality craft beer with a ton of flavor.
My Favorite Beer  Sunday Morning genuinely blew my mind, even though it really shouldn’t have. A coffee beer that isn’t a porter or a stout? Not quite rocket science but still the only one I’ve ever seen, and it’s amazing. They’ve also previously had a poblano chili amber beer on tap called Uno Mas that is quite good.
Atmosphere  And L-Shaped bar and a simple wood themed decor provide a popular local gathering place. A garage door with windows stays shut during winter but opens up in the warm weather that provides a good amount of open air bar seating. Usually crowded and lively, the taproom also feels like something great is happening in a small space.
Service  Order drinks at the bar. Sit at the small bar area or at a handful of tables in the taproom.
The Lowdown  $4-$6 pours of their main lineup. A couple bucks more for 10 oz of their stronger/limited release offerings. They also offer tasters and half pints. Daily Specials: Monday $1 off Ryetous pints. Tuesday $1 off when you ride your bike in. Wednesday $1 off 5 o’clock pints. Thursday $1 off Sunday Morning pints. Sunday: Wear a Renegade hat and receive $1 off full pours all day. 
Rating  Five Beers

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  1. The Sunday morning is awesome 🙂 I could drink that with breakfast..oops 😀 I wrote a review on Renegade as well on my that first picture!

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